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What Is the Best Time to Create Your Own Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos are the first thing that anyone thinks of when they have a product or service they’d want to present or a complex business idea or proposal that they want to hold a meeting about. Good animated explainer videos are a great way to keep your viewers interested and engaged in the topic that the video is discussing by keeping things really interesting and educational at the same time. When creating a video, you can either go with a professional production company or do it yourself and this is actually an idea that has a great appeal to it, however this latter option should only be done under certain circumstances and that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

Low on Budget

There is no doubt that any explainer video can cost a lot of money to make and as a business owner that may not be something that you are prepared to do. When you are on a tight budget and you really need a good explainer to help you in your meeting or to put up on your business website, then going to a professional won’t be an option for you and the next best thing that you can do is simply do it yourself. This will save you money for the time being, but you will risk putting out a video that isn’t professional looking and that is definitely something that you need to be aware off as well.

If you are good at making videos and have the time to do it

When you are someone that actually knows how to make animated explainer videos or have someone on your team that can do it, then the option of doing the job yourself is actually quite a good one. However, something to think about here is the time that you or your employee will need to have in order to see the project through. Most of the time, a good animated explainer can take up a lot of time and you need to ask yourself whether there is a better use of that time that would benefit your business even more than the video. If you think that you can spare the time then definitely go for it.

If the video you want to make is pretty simple

If you decide to make this video yourself, then you will most likely be using a software or a program that can easily be found online. And while these types of software are great when you are on a tight budget, they aren’t the best choice when you want to create a complex video. But, if the video that you have in mind has a pretty simple concept or if you want to split your concept in a series of videos instead of putting everything in one video, then doing it yourself using software can definitely work for you.

As we mentioned before, animated explainer videos can be a great and versatile tool that you can use for a variety of different purposes in order to help your business. These videos can be extremely expensive and sometimes the only choice you have is to make the video yourself, however we recommend that you only do that if some of this criteria fits you, otherwise definitely go for a professional production company because they will definitely help give you the most professional looking video possible.

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