7 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Amazon US Deals and Save BIG

With many customers going shopping online, it turns my focus to the largest online store of all, Amazon, and the facility of shipping stuff without going home. In specific, how do we find the best offers and sales on the Amazon website regularly? After all, rarely (if ever) do the best deals appear on Amazon’s homepage, but often are concealed in various parts of the web. So I’m here to show you seven ways to leverage Amazon’s discounts and save a boatload of money. Let’s get to it. Let’s get to it.

Look at all colors as you shop for shoes and apparel.

Try this cool hack when you shop for shoes and clothes on Amazon, and if you’re not picky about colour. Pick your size, then check the variations in price between colours. When you are on the product page, You can find a sneaker pair of puma in the screenshot above, a price gap of almost $20. Although I find the hack works most well on shoes and clothing, it’s a great way to save money on virtually any Amazon-listed product in various colours. Think of stuff like speakers from Bluetooth, YETI goods, headphones, baseball, golf, and mobile phones.

Always Give a check on Warehouse Deals.

Amazon sells it returned products at a drastically reduced price in the “Amazon Warehouse.” They are listed as specials in the pre-owned, used, or open box. All products are backed with the same Amazon guarantee and are tested multi-point before being available for sale. These objects have been saved in the off-range of 40-60%. Computers, cuisine, home renovation, vacuums, cameras, video games, and mobile phones are among the top product categories.

Amazon Coupons Great way to save a Money

Amazon hides its coupons is almost impossible to find. They have fantastic deals on their coupons page. Once you find the coupon and click “Clip Coupon.” It saves in your account, and then the savings will be automatically deducted from your order total when you add the item to your virtual cart. Start using an Amazon coupon for most of your shopping, and if you buy often, you can easily save 100 dollars a year. 

Using a Price Tracker from Amazon

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow the price of products you wish to purchase on Amazon and buy only when they’re low historically? Well, you can, and indeed it’s easy. You can use one of the best CamelCamelCamel.com websites to monitor the Amazon item price, or you can use the browser extension for Amazon Assistant.

When the price hits your target according to your desired price, you are informed about it. You can also check whether or not the current price is fair or not with historical price data when you download the browser extension.

“Subscribe & Save” Don’t forget about this cool hack.

You can use Subscribe & Save repeatedly to save money on products like detergent dishwashers, dog food, household supplements, toilet paper, shampoo, garbage, deodorant, and waste bags. You will save 10-15 per cent of your subscription plan items every time it is delivered to you. You are not under any contract and can cancel your subscription without a charge at any time. 

3rd party salespeople sign out

Third-party sellers frequently batter Amazon Prime prices. Indeed, you will not be free for two days, but you will still deliver for 3-5 days in most situations. Click on “Available from these sellers” on the product page to find out what price third party sellers have to offer. It includes a list of vendors and any shipping costs so that a better price review. 

Out Search, “Renewed Amazon.”

Amazon Renewed is a Marketplace segment specializing in rehabilitated open-box items, similar to the store offers noted above. The critical difference is that the Renewed part primarily focuses on electronics, smartphones, and computers, which are available at a significant discount. Savings range up to 50% from 20% off all the way. Things also come with the Amazon Renewed warranty and are thoroughly tested before they sold. 

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